Spanish Imperial Eagle

Photographed on the Monfrague, Extremadura, Spain

All photographs, copyright Paul Gale

Now just a few hundred pairs of this eagle left in Spain. All these photographs were taken from the public road through the Monfrague National Park. My best photos are a good example of techniques in bird photography, namely if you've got the wrong camera set up for a flight photo just go with what you've got and take the picture. So my friend George and I were photographing the Eagle Owl  landed on the huge cliff on the other side of the river. I had a 2x converter and 1.4x times converter "stacked" to give the huge magnification needed for the distant owl. George then spotted a Spanish Imperial Eagle flying up the river and very close. The first instinct is to start fumbling around taking out the converters and resetting the camera and lens. Four years ago that cost me the photo of a Great Bustard which flew right over me on the Extremadura. By the time I'd got the two converters off the camera the bird was a distant dot on the plains. So this time I just increased the exposure by +1 stop for a bird in the sky, and took the photographs. I'm glad I did.

Spanish Imperial Eagle, flight Spanish Imperial Eagle, flight
Spanish Imperial Eagle landed Spanish Imperial Eagle showing white wings
Spanish Imperial Eagle and Black Stork Spanish Imperial Eagle, more flight

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