Hawks and Falcons

Some 13 species of hawks and falcons were photographed during the two week trip. I was particularly lucky to find a double-toothed kite sitting in a dead tree early one morning at Manuel Antonio. There were numerous other hawks and falcons seen from the road during the trip, including roadside hawk and  a swallow-tailed kite on the lines near the Pacific coast.

Osprey Double-toothed Kite White Hawk Grey Hawk
Broad winged Hawk Short tailed Hawk Zone-tailed Hawk Common Black Hawk
Mangrove Black Hawk American Kestrel Crested Caracara Yellow-headed Caracara
Sketch only  
Laughing Falcon Swallow-tailed Kite Unidentified Raptor  

Costa Rica has many hawks, which are often seen in flight, sometimes on the same thermal as, for example, in the photograph below of Short tailed Hawk, Gray Hawk and Black Vulture taken on the Pacific coast

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